For my very first real post I decided to share with you my recent trip to Colorado. Whether it be a long week vacation or a short weekend getaway, I love to travel and see new things! This past weekend my hubby and I spent a few days in the Denver/Boulder area and did some hiking and sightseeing. We went to the Red Rocks Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and explored the Boulder Area.

Day 1: Right after we landed in Denver we got our rental car and went straight to the Red Rocks Park and hiked the Red Rocks Trail. The view and scenery was amazing!

Day 2: We drove through the Rocky Mountain National Park, hiked a few small trails, spotted an elk, and saw some spectacular views!

Bear Lake

Nymph Lake

The Elk

Views throughout the park

Day 3: On our last day we explored the Boulder area. We stopped to see the Boulder Falls (they were closed so we didn’t get a good look), hiked the Forsythe Canyon Trail, and drove through the Roosevelt National Forest.

Boulder Falls

Reservoir at end of Forsythe Canyon Trail

 View from the road while driving through Roosevelt National Forest

Day 4: Traveled home. 🙁

Although we were in Colorado for a few days, it sure was an amazing trip! I definitely recommend going. My hubby and I loved the hiking, the scenery, and the laid back atmosphere of the area. If you aren’t an outdoor person or like to hike, you can still see the amazing views from the car.

Until next time….

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