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So for today’s post I was inspired by my visit to the mall this past weekend. Fall is approaching, the weather is getting cooler, and the fall wardrobe is my absolute favorite of the four seasons. I love comfy sweaters, jeans, jackets and boots! I’ve said in my introduction post that I love fashion and to shop. I, by no means, am a stylist or work in the fashion industry, but fashion is something I enjoy.

Currently, I would consider my fashion sense: simple/comfy, yet chic and classy. When shopping I tend to buy items that go with everything. I like to buy simple shirts, blouses, and sweaters and like to spice it up (depending on wear I’m going or time of day) with jackets, cardigans, shoes and accessories. Also, most of the clothing I will be posting are clothing that is affordable that you can find in a mall near you (or online)! Some stores that I love are Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, Madewell, Express, and Target (yes Target, you can find some cute, inexpensive things there!).

For this post, I have decided to talk about the flannel/plaid shirt. If you go to any clothing store in the mall (or Target, Kohls, etc.) you see this type of shirt everywhere in both the women and men sections. Therefore, this is a must for those cool, crisp fall days.

The flannel/plaid shirt is a really comfy shirt that you can throw on with jeans or dress it up with some leggings. Here are two that I recently purchased:

Plaid Shirt

Flannel Shirt

Both of these shirts can be found at www.oldnavy.com

Red/Blue: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1018072&vid=1&pid=597466022
Black/Khaki: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1019442&vid=1&pid=715241002

So for these two shirts, I decided to show two different styles for different occasions.

If you are running errands, going to class, or going out to lunch with some friends, I would just pair both of these shirts with a pair of jeans. I pictured them both with boots (for fall), but depending on the weather flip flops or ballet flats would work too!

If you are going out for the night to a local bar, restaurant, or a casual date you can pair the shirt with a jacket (I chose a leather jacket), leggings, and heels. You can definitely dress this look up more with some jewelry (bangles, watch, layering necklace, etc.) and a cute clutch.
 And finally, layer a chunky cardigan over the shirt with jeans for those chilly fall days that you spend outside at the farmer’s market or pumpkin patch. Add a simple necklace and a messenger bag to complete the look.

So, for all the fashion forward readers out there (or people that like something comfy and versatile to wear), the flannel/plaid shirt is a hot item this fall. It’s a simple, inexpensive piece to add to your closet that you can mix and match with items that you already own!

Well thanks for reading! 

Until next time…

*If you have any questions, or want to know where I got some of the items pictured, just email me. I would be glad to share.*

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