It’s been a
pretty interesting weekend in the Northeast with the blizzard and all the snow!
Here in Pittsburgh, we got a couple of inches, and I’ve been stuck inside all
weekend (mostly because it was my choice – I hate to drive in the snow and it’s
too cold out there for me!) J Being stuck at home can get boring or
depressing, but I came up with a couple of things to do around the house for
those cold snowy days!
5. Game Night
When it’s
snowy and cold outside, who wants to go outside and drive in the dangerous
conditions? Instead, stay at home, turn off the electronics and spend some
quality time with your loved ones. Break out the games and have a fun game
Stop Procrastinating
you’re stuck at home and it’s cold outside, this is the perfect time to do the
things that you have been pushing aside and have been “too busy” to complete. Why
not clean out your closet, start that DIY project, or organize your old photos?
This gives you an excuse to stay warm and cozy inside, you’ll get to check
something off “your list” and you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you’re
3.  Try a New Recipe
This one
takes some preparation in case you will have to buy some of the ingredients,
but why not try a new recipe? You’re already stuck inside and most likely have
to cook, so try something new. If you weren’t prepared and didn’t go grocery shopping; try All Recipes. On this site, you can search recipes by ingredients you already have.
2. Read
Make yourself
a cup of hot chocolate or pour yourself a glass of wine and cozy up with a
blanket and a good book. Just sit back with your book, relax, and watch the
snow come down.
1. Mini
Spa Day
one is my favorite! You’re stuck inside; pamper yourself. Light some candles
and take a nice long bubble bath. Give yourself a manicure and a pedicure. Try
some DYI facial scrub with ingredients that you have in your kitchen to make your skin refreshed and soft. (I love
this one: Coconut Oil Facial Scrub or this one: Honey and Sugar Facial Scrub.) Relax, you deserve it!
What do you like to do on those lazy, snowy days? Comment below.
Until next time…

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