Spring has sprung! It’s time to put those heavy winter sweaters and jackets
away (at least I hope so)! While the weather is definitely a little warmer,
it’s still not time for shorts and sandals. Actually, this time of year can be
a little tricky when choosing an outfit; it’s not cold enough for some items
and too warm for others. Below I have comprised a list of 5 items to make the transition from winter to spring stress free!
Spring is here, and it’s time to start wearing some color! Give those dark black, blues, and grays a break! The first thing that comes to mind when I think of spring is
light pink, peach, purple, blue and yellow colors, so of course pastels made
the list. This is a very broad category, just wear anything pastel! Choose a
fun light colored blazer/jacket, a light weight sweater, a handbag, or simply a tee shirt.
Nothing says spring more than pastels! 

I love the color of this tee with the longer length sleeves!

Denim Jacket:

It’s still too cold to completely go without a jacket, but a
denim jacket is the perfect solution! It’s light weight, not too bulky, and
goes with everything. There are ton of styles and washes out there, so choose
one that fits your style.

I have a medium wash denim jacket that I love (and wear all
the time), but I recently purchased this one from Old Navy. I love the
distressed look with the missing pocket.


Yeah I know, everyone wears jeans all year round, and jeans don’t remind you of spring! But hear me out, I’m typically a
huge fan of darker colored jeans. In the warmer months I like to break out
my lighter washes. I like how the
lighter jeans compliment all the soft pastel colors that are popular in the

These particular jeans from Old Navy are comfy, stretchy, and a shorter (ankle) length; perfect for spring! 

White Sweater: 
It’s still not warm enough to put away all your sweaters, and the neutral, white shade will brighten up your wardrobe. This warn, knitted sweater with a pair of jeans is perfect for those colder, chillier spring days. 
Ankle Boots:
Ankle boots are a perfect item that can be worn in the fall,
winter, and early spring months. I recently purchased these in this tan color, and am in
LOVE! I will be wearing these daily with my jeans, and then with my dresses when
it gets a little warmer!

What items do you like to wear when transitioning to spring?

Until next time…

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