About a month ago my husband and I went to the Big Island of
Hawaii. I finally sorted through all the pictures and decided to share some
with you!
Hawaii is absolutely beautiful! We’ve been to Kauai before,
and loved it so much my husband and I wanted to explore another island. The Big Island is, well like its name states,
the biggest island of the Hawaiian Islands. It’s home to the active volcanoes Kilauea and Mauna Loa, has a Volcanoes National
Park, and has some of the world’s best beaches with green, black, and white
sand. It’s also a great place to hike and snorkel.
For this post (stay tuned for others on the Big Island), I decided to focus on the Volcanoes National Park. The park encompasses approximately
323,000 acres of land in which you can see miles of lava rock. There are
multiple scenic points, camp grounds, and hikes within the park.
We actually spent our last day of our vacation here beside our flight didn’t leave until midnight, so we had plenty of time to see a lot. We basically drove through the whole park, stopped at all the
scenic points, and did a few short hikes. Here are some of the pictures!
Sulphur Banks (1.4 mile loop hike):


Steam Vents (1.4 mile loop hike):

Thomas A. Jagger Museum: Kilauea Caldera

Thurston Lava Tube (.4 mile hike):
Holei Sea Arc (scenic point):
Ahh, how I want to go back! If you are ever on the Big Island the Volcanoes National Park is definitely a must!

Stay tuned for more Big Island posts!

Until next time…

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