Today I’m going to be
posting about my snorkeling adventures while vacationing on the Big Island of
Snorkeling is by far one of
the favorite things to do on vacation! My hubby and I love snorkeling so
much, a few years ago while in the Caymans, we purchased our own gear. This is a
must if you like to snorkel and are in Hawaii. You can go snorkeling at just
about every beach (if it’s not too choppy).
We did a bunch of
snorkeling, but I’m just going to talk about two places (The Captain Cook Monument
and Two Step). These are probably the top two best snorkeling spots I have ever
seen in my life. 
The Captain Cook Monument is
located in the Kealakekua Bay. The crystal clear waters make this a perfect
spot to see all the colorful corals and fish. I saw sea urchins, an eel,
Humuhumunukunukuapua`a (Hawaii’s state fish), and an endless variety of other
colorful fish. You can also see spinner dolphins- they actually come pretty
close to the shore.
Getting to the Captain Cook
Monument is not an easy task. Located on the north side in the Kealakekua Bay,
you can rent a kayak, take a guided snorkeling tour, or hike on the Ka’Awaloa Trail. We did the hike which
is a 3.6 mile (out and back), 1263 feet hike. The hike down was fairly easy,
but the hike back was strenuous. Definitely had to be prepared with lots of
water and snacks. It was definitely worth it though, the views going down the
hill were breathtaking and the snorkeling was amazing.  Here are a few pictures:
View from the trail down to the monument:
Kealakekau Bay: 
Captain Cook Monument:

Another great spot is called
Two-Step in Honaunau Bay. Named for the entry point into the ocean: two
distinct bench-like ledges to go into the water. This place was a lot more
crowded than the Captain Cook Monument because of the easy assess. There’s parking and it’s next
to a National Park: Pu’uhonua o Honaunau (Place of Refuge). We paid a small fee
to park in the parking lot of the park. We snorkeled and then went through the

The snorkeling at Two Step
was amazing too. We saw a ton of different fish and a sea turtle. 
Two Step:
Sea Turtle:
School of Fish:
After doing some research when looking for places to snorkel on our vacation, supposedly these two places are the best snorkeling spots in all of Hawaii.So these are a must for all those people who love to snorkel!
Do you like to snorkel? Where is the best snorkeling spot you’ve been too?

Until next time…

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