It’s that time again to talk about all my favorite items!

women's tee
Gap: Vintage Wash Sueded Boyfriend Tee

I must say that this tee from the Gap is my new favorite tee in my my closet! It’s super soft and comfortable; and the silhouette is sleek – not boxy like most shirts are these days. It’s the perfect shirt to wear with your favorite jeans or works great as a layering piece. I love the longer sleeves and having the option to roll them up or wear as is, I love the length (sits right on my hips), and I love the slit on the side! Honestly I can’t say anything bad about it; I actually purchased this shirt in three colors. 
hair tie
I’ve been sporting these hair ties for about a month now, and I must say they are amazing. Initially I was skeptical about them; the price was high and I’ve read so many mixed reviews. Let’s back track a little first, I have medium length hair that is fairly thick. I work in the health care field and I wear my hair in low ponytail everyday to keep my hair out of my face and my patients’ faces. With that being said, with regular hair ties everyday when I took my hair out of the ponytail I would pull out a ton of hair (there would be hair tangled in the hair tie as well as in my hands), and I would have that “crinkled” look where you could see wear the pony tail was  (if I would go anywhere after work I would always wear it in a pony tail because the only way to get that “crinkled” look out of my hair was to wash it and sometimes there just isn’t time for that!). Anyways, with the Invisibobble Hair Tie I do not encounter any of these issues! When I take my hair out of the ponytail I don’t pull out ANY hair and my hair is NEVER “crinkled”! I just don’t understand it, but it’s true! The hair ties are about the size of a quarter and look like a telephone cord. With the smaller size, I can still wrap it around my ponytail 3 times and it stays in place all day. It does stretch out after a days wear, but I just alternate them (there is 3 in a pack) and when I use it again it’s back to the normal size. Amazing! Oh, and it comes in 8 different colors.
skin cleanser
So my next obsession is the Mia Fit by CLAIRSONIC, a skin cleansing system. This is actually a pretty pricey item, but I got it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…score! Years ago I had another CLARISONIC skin cleanser that I used religiously but sadly it broke. I have been debating on whether or not to get another one for years (loved the results but hated the price). I’m glad I waited and got the Mia Fit. First, I love the size. It’s smaller than all their other cleansers. It’s perfect for traveling, and it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand when using. It has two different settings (this is new to me, my old one did not have this option) one for 60 seconds and one for 80 seconds. I’ve only used the 60 second setting which is for daily, normal cleansing and I couldn’t be more happier with the results. It leaves your skin feel so fresh, clean, smooth and soft! I’ve used this very day since I got it! It’s almost like I’m treating myself to a facial every time I use it.
What are you currently obsessing over?
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