Today I’m going to share with you another place my hubby and I visited on our recent vacation to Utah and Arizona, Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon (and Zion National Park) were on our list to visit this year because we wanted to do some hiking, spend time outdoors, and this just so happens to be the centennial year of the National Parks, so why not? We started our year off by visiting Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island (you can read about it here), we only had 5 days off for vacation, and both Bryce and Zion are so close together that we could experience two more National Parks both on the same trip..score!

If you missed it, our first day of vacation was spent in Page, Arizona visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe bend. We then drove to Tropic, Utah to spend the night and recharge for the next part of our trip. Day two was spent exploring Bryce Canyon.

Prior to the trip, I read that Bryce Canyon National Park consists of a 17 mile scenic drive with multiple points of interest (look outs) where you can see the massive amphitheater of “hoodoos” which is known as Bryce Canyon. You have the options of driving it yourself or taking a park shuttle that runs frequently all day and you can get on and off as you please. At the majority of the points of interests there is parking, but it is limited.

We got there early in the morning right when the park opened and chose to do the drive ourselves. However, instead of starting at the first point of interest, we decided to actually drive to the end and start at the last stop and then make our way back up to the park entrance.This actually worked out to our advantage because we got to see everything and missed the crowds. By the time we made it back to the first stop in the park there were people and tour buses everywhere.

Here are a few pics from our drive…




Rainbow Point
The view from “Rainbow Point”
Natural Bridge
“Natural Bridge”
We ended our drive by taking a hike on the Queens Garden Trail (which takes you down into the amphitheater) and connected with the Navajo Loop Trail to return to our car. The hike in total was about 2.9 miles, the trek down was easy, but getting back up was slightly challenging due to the heat and sun…take lots of water!
hiking Bryce Canyon


Hiking down into the amphitheater
Queen's Garden Trail
The “Queen” at the end of the Queen’s Garden Trail
Navajo Loop Trail


Hiking on the Navajo Loop Trail
My hubby and I definitely had a fun, adventure filled day and saw a lot of amazing views! Our next stop was Zion! Stay tuned…
Have you ever been to Bryce Canyon?

Until next time…

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