Everyone has had one of those days where all you want to do is just lay around the house, curl up in a blanket and watch TV all day, right? Well that’s how I felt Saturday afternoon and most of the day on Sunday. I basically just laid on the couch and binged watched some of my favorite TV shows all weekend…it was GLORIOUS! 🙂 

Anyways my lazy weekend inspired my post today…”my cozy obsessions.” “My cozy obsessions”  are all my current favorite items that I LOVE to wear when lounging around the house. All of these things are super comfortable, soft, and keep you warm….and I wore 3 out of 5 of the items below all weekend…haha. 

cozy gifts

1. Barefoot Dreams Travel Shawl
I don’t have this exact one, but I have a very similar one by Barefoot Dreams that I purchased this past summer from the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I know that it is a little pricey, but it is sooooo worth it! The material is so soft and cozy! I have been using it daily as a shawl around the house to keep warm, or sometimes I just use it as a blanket when sitting on the couch. It is a “travel shawl” so it’s also perfect to keep warm on a plane, at the movies, in the car, really anywhere. 

2. “Butter” Crew Socks
The name of these socks says it all…”butter”! These are made out the most softest and coziest fabric I have ever felt. These are amazing….soooo comfortable and they keep my feet nice and warm! I took advantage of the price (3 for $18). I got 3 pairs; 2 for stocking stuffers and 1 for me! 🙂 These are a must for loungers everywhere! 

3. Graphic Sleep Shirt by The Gap
I ordered this shirt because I thought it was funny, and I love naps (who doesn’t!). I had no expectations of this shirt whatsoever, I thought it was going to be a regular cotton T shirt. When I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised. It’s actually made out of a super soft, stretchy material. It feels almost “silky” on my skin when wearing and it’s comfy! And yes, I have taken a nap while wearing it.

4. Fair Isle Sweater Leggings by The Gap
I haven’t had the opportunity to wear these yet, but the material is soft and they definitely keep your legs warm! I had them on briefly, but I had to take them off because I was too hot…haha. These are gonna be my go to leggings in the winter when the temperatures drop. They also come in fun designs.

5. Plaid Lodge Moccasins by J. Crew
I saved my favorite for last! I’m obsessed with these slippers! I literally wear them at all times when I’m home because I hate to walk around barefoot, they are comfy, they keep my feet warm (not sweaty) and I love the red and navy plaid material. I think these are actually my first pair of real slippers (I’ve always worn slipper socks), and I’ve been missing out! I really like having the rubber sole because I can go outside and down in the basement without worrying that I’m getting them dirty. I am so glad I purchased these! I guarantee I will be wearing them daily for the rest of this fall season and throughout winter!

What are your “cozy” obsessions?

Until next time…

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