Hey hey, guess what? It’s fall! Ha, I know I’m a little late for this post, but the weather is finally starting to feel “fall-like” and the leaves on the trees are changing AND we still have about two more months of my favorite season (at least I hope so). Sooo…it’s not too late for my Fall Reading List!

You should know by now that these are my favorite posts to write because I’m obsessed with reading. I love to share with others what I’m reading, and I love to hear what others are reading. In case you have been missing out here are my Summer and Spring and Lists from this year.

Anyways…without further ado here are my list of books that I can’t wait to read this season!

I was a huge fan of Celeste Ng’s other book Everything I Never Told You, so when I found out that she released a new book it was a no brainer to add Little Fires Everywhere to my list.

So, I’m still obsessed with psychological thrillers, and I have read every book by Mary Kubica. I actually really liked her other three books The Good Girl, Pretty Baby, and Don’t You Cry, so I’m looking forward to read her latest Every Last Lie.

In Every Last Lie, Clara Solberg’s husband and four year old daughter are in a car crash. The crash results in the death of her husband, Nick. Clara’s world comes crashing down and she begins to wonder was it really an accident, did someone want Nick dead? Clara is determined and will not stop until she knows the truth. 

I am not familiar with this author, but I have read amazing reviews on this book. Watch Me Disappear is about how Billie Flanagan, a wife and mother, disappeared while hiking over a year ago; her body was never found. As her family is coping, secrets of her life begin to unravel. 

Dan Brown has brought back Professor Robert Langdon in his new book Origin. I’ve been a fan of the Robert Langdon installments so I’m interested in what’s going to happen to him next. In the Origin, Langdon goes on a new quest throughout Barcelona that will unlock a secret.

I got this book last month in the Kindle First for September and haven’t had a chance to read it. The storyline is a modern-day love story following an actress and a writer in the “City of Lights.” I’ve been reading a ton of psychological thrillers lately, so I’m looking forward to change up the pace with this light-hearted, witty tale.

Have you read any of these? What are you reading?

Until next time…

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